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AMR Diabetes Study Experience
Center for Pharmaceutical Research
1010 Carondelet Drive
Suite 426
Kansas City, Missouri 64114
John E. Ervin, MD Missy MacPhail
Conducted over 28 diabetes studies, including diabetes type I, type II, DPN, diabetic device study, and diabetic ulcer studies. Staff experienced with oral, injected, and inhaled medications. Over 2,863 diabetic subjects in our research database.
Central Kentucky Research Associates, Inc
3475 Richmond Road, 3rd Floor
Lexington, Kentucky 40509
James L. Borders, MD
Tracy Hudson
Site has conducted 9 Type II Diabetes trials reaching 169% of cumulative contracted enrollment. Site has also conducted trials with other indications in Diabetic populations such as Erectile Dysfunction and Metabolic Syndrome. Site does have a Sub-Investigator Board certified in Endocrinology.
Clinical Research Associates of Tidewater
400 Gresham Drive
402 Medical Tower
Norfolk, Virginia 23507
Duane G. Wombolt, MD Edie Wombolt
CRAT has conducted 15 diabetes studies and has over 950 diabetics in database. PI has over 30 years clinical research experience and is a Certified Principal Investigator by the ACRP. Clinical Research Coordinators are also certified by ACRP. Sub-I has a Fellowship in Endocrinology. We also work with an endocrinology group practice.
Clinical Research Consortium
2110 E. Flamingo
Suite 330
Las Vegas, Nevada 89119
V. Jerome Mirkil, MD David Huggard
Investigators and coordinators have successful experience with previous diabetes and diabetic neuropathy studies. Well suited for weight management studies with the following resources:

• Extensive searchable database
• Ability to pre-identify patients
• Database includes >18,000 patients
• Experienced board certified principal investigators
• Ability to use central IRB
• Two clinics
Clinical Research Consortium Arizona
2727 W Baseline Rd
Ste 27
Tempe, Arizona 85283
Enrique Cifuentes Jr, M.D. David Huggard
Well suited for diabetes studies with the following resources:

• Experienced/knowledgeable staff
• Experienced board certified principal investigators
• Large database
• Searchable database
Clinical Research of South Florida
370 Minorca Avenue
Coral Gables, Florida 33134
Jeffrey B. Rosen, M.D. Maria M. Rodriguez, RMA-CRT-CCRC
CRSF has over 30 years experience in diabetic clinical research. We have conducted 71 trials in DMII and are consistently among the top enrollers. Studies have included diabetes with hypertension, with erectile dysfunction, with obesity and with hyperlipidemia. We have also conducted many studies in patients with impaired fasting glucose and/or metabolic syndrome. Dr. Rosen has presented at the 2009, 2010, and 2012 European Association for the Study of Diabetes Annual Meeting on Metabolic Syndrome and lipids.

CRSF has an extensive database of patients and is located adjacent to an affiliated large primary care practice. These two sources of patients enable rapid enrollment.

19-Diabetes-Phase III in adults
53-Diabetes-Phase II in adults
Inhaled Insulin-Phase II in adults
Diabetes-Phase II in hypertensive & O/A population
Diabetes-Phase II in elderly population
Diabetes-Phase II in PVD population
Diabetes-Phase II in hyperlipidemic population
Diabetes-Phase II in CAD population
Diabetes-Phase II in Sleep Apnea population
2-Diabetes-Phase II in ED population
3-Diabetes-Phase III in Insulin Dependent population
4-Diabetes-Phase II in Hypertensive population
4-Diabetes-Phase II in Obese population
Coastal Clinical Research, Inc.
100 Memorial Hospital Drive
Annex Building, Suite 3B
Mobile, Alabama 36608
Harry Studdard, MD
Board Certified Internist
Lauren B. Garner
Site has conducted:
Type II diabetes - 9 trials
Type I diabetes - 1 trial

* Three sub-investigators
* Research site database of 1,643 diabetes patients
Heartland Medical, PC
309 N. Broad Street
New Tazewell, Tennessee 37825
Charles H. DeBusk, MD Cindy DeBusk
423-626-7297 x 2234
19 years clinical research experience. Conducted over 100 clinical trials, with 13 of them being diabetic studies. Study staff consists of PI, two sub-investigators, two full-time study coordinators, and one full-time regulatory specialist with 15 years experience. Very large patient database (45,000-50,000) in rural area with excellent patient retention. Serve tri-state area of Tennessee, Virginia, and Kentucky.
Heartland Research Associates, LLC
1709 South Rock Road
Wichita, Kansas 67207
Thomas Klein, MD
Richard Egelhof, MD
Teran Naccarato, MD
Richard Glover, MD
Cindy Thome
- Conducted over 100 Type II Diabetes trials
- Overall 95% enrollment success
- Combined clinic and research databases of over 10,500 diabetes potential subjects
- Experience with oral, device, injectable, and inhaled medications.
- Affiliation with Heartland Diabetes Associates, LLC
- Certified Diabetes Educators and Registered Dieticians
MediSphere Medical Research Center, LLC
1401 Professional Boulevard
Suite 100
Evansville, Indiana 47714
Hubert S. Reyes, MD
Alexa Dela Llana, MD
Mike Sebastian, MD
Steven K. Elliott, MD
Carrie Covert
20 years experience – 4 Board-certified Investigators.
We have conducted over 80 Diabetes studies – Phase II, III and IV – more than 3,000 Diabetes patients in database – 4 Study Coordinators (2 CCRC certified), 4 Patient Recruiters – Regulatory Administrator
Rochester Clinical Research
500 Helendale Road
Suite L20
Rochester, New York 14609
Matthew Davis, MD Adam Larrabee
• 95 Type 2 DM trials
• experienced with glucometer training
• Full-time registered dietitian on staff, Certified Diabetes Educator,
• Diabetes self-management group open to community and taught by site staff.
• Site DB with 2700 DM patients – ability to sort by BMI and concomitant meds, tracking a l c.
• Free screening program open to community with Metrika and FBS tested.
VRG/New Orleans Center for Clinical Research
1928 Alcoa Hwy
Suite 107
Knoxville, Tennessee 37920
William B. Smith, MD, Knoxville, Tennessee /
Ramon Vargas, MD, New Orleans, Louisiana
Nyda Brook
865-305-9100 x232
VRG/NOCCR have conducted 65 diabetes trials in Phase I-IV. We have certified diabetic educators and registered dieticians available and experience with oral, injectable and inhaled medications.

NOCCR and VRG are multispecialty research centers with over 30 years of experience and have conducted over Phase I – IV trials. The benefits we offer sponsors include: two independent locations - one of which are located within an academic hospital, a 50 bed capacity Phase I unit, a state-of-the-art Mortara Surveyor System, added layers of safety (with code team and 24-hour critical care coverage), access to specialists and patient populations, on-site clinical electronic transfer lab for same day results, USP pharmacy capabilities, and on-site imaging services. Additionally, our hospital based units are the research arms for the 718 University physicians, which allow our primary Principal Investigators to collaborate with specialty PI’s in all therapeutic areas.
Research Center Investigator Contact Experience